What is Forever Roster?

Simply put, Forever Roster is your personal digital service directory that specializes in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. Our mission is to help create a fair marketplace for all professionals and clients that want to find each other without breaking any rules or non-compete agreements with past employers. Forever Roster provides powerful platform for networking, marketing, and creating opportunities for small business owners and potential clients.

How does Forever Roster work?


It all begins with seeking out a trusted professional or trade


Simply scroll through our list of professions


Enter any specific information related to your search


Simply submit and let your Forever Roster take care of the rest for you in seconds

Who does Forever Roster benefit most?

Literally EVERYONE benefits from using Forever Roster!

Forever Roster helps increase any business’ online presence and visibility. Increasing a business’ web presence and reach into the community for pennies a dollar, creates a huge opportunity and a cost savings that can be passed onto every customer.

What cities can use Forever Roster?

Phoenix, Arizona is the introductory city for Forever Roster. The entire Phoenix Metro is available, from as far east as Apache Junction to the west side of town, in Buckeye. If you are in the 602, 623 or 480, Forever Roster has got you covered. Most major cities are coming soon. Stay tuned!

How can I boost my chances to gain visibility for my business?

The best way to gain visibility for your business is to be listed on our Trusted Professionals & ELITE MEMBER Winner's Board. This offers you, as the professional, the opportunity to highlight your business name, logo, bio, and complete contact profile on Forever Roster’s home page.

How to Become a Forever Roster Member

Forever Roster is a digital service directory for professionals of any industry and their clients. To join as a professional, you simply set up your profile and add as much information as you feel is needed to promote you, your business, and your trusted value. Seek. Scroll. Search. Submit.

Why Choose the Forever Roster Digital Service Directory?

Maintaining updated information will help a client find you anytime, should you move or change your place of employment. By subscribing to our digital service directory, you will not only increase your odds for customer retention, but also dramatically increase your opportunities to be seen by many new clients.

How Easy is it to Use the Forever Roster Digital Service Directory?

Allow Forever Roster to do the grueling and tedious marketing for you, so you can do what YOU are good at as a trusted professional for under 30 cents a day! The only thing you have to lose is the OPPORTUNITY to GAIN & RETAIN clients. You have EVERYTHING to GAIN when you create your Forever Roster. Seek. Scroll. Search. Submit.