About Us

About Forever RosterForever Roster is a digital service directory that specializes in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area, including both the west and east valley cities. Forever Roster is a network of trusted professionals and trades that are conveniently categorized and available for hire with an easy to use and targeted search menu. Forever Roster offers a useful and trusted network, so potential clients and customers feel comfortable contacting any one of our professionals or trades for hire. Simply use our targeted search fields and drop-down menu to pair you up with a potential professional or find your long lost and favorite pro at Forever Roster!

A message from our Founder & CEO:

Forever Roster was created for fairness and convenience in a free marketplace. Please, let me explain… As a former hardworking hairstylist of 9 years, I found myself wanting to grow as a professional. I worked so hard to be the best hair stylist that I could be. I kept up with trends, styles, and techniques. More importantly, I grew and maintained relationships with my clients. Aside from sharing our life’s stories over time, we grew our trust in our professional relationships. The trust shared between a hairstylist and a client isn’t easy to create or come by, especially in this era of instant gratification.

My professional growth transition and journey did not go as planned, nor was it easy… surprise, surprise. HOWEVER, of the many challenges, I didn’t think that keeping the relationships I had built over years would be the issue. In the hair industry, it is common for a hair stylist to sign a non-compete agreement with the salon they work for, which is completely understandable, when considering the salon owners perspective and their business. But does that time-old tradition take the client’s needs into consideration, wants or preferences? The hair industry, like many others, is built on trust and relationships. Yes, there are no shortages of hair stylists and clients to choose from, but when you find your ride or die, you don’t ever want to give them up. Period! Starting over is never easy. Especially, starting on your own. New small business owners have so much to learn and consider, such as establishing an LLC, finding a new location, and all the many details that are extremely important, yet not common knowledge nor taught when learning your trade or profession. As long as you have your Forever Roster, networking, marketing and creating opportunities will not be part of your hustle struggle!

My mission is to help create a fair marketplace for all professionals and clients that want to find each other without breaking any rules or agreements. If you wake up one day to book an appointment with a professional that you trust and love, only to find out that they no longer work there, you will have nothing to worry about now that you have your Forever Roster. You will always be able to find the trusted professional that you want, regardless of their location or where they work. Forever Roster makes it easy; you will be able to find them by first or last name, business name, city, or profession.

My hope is to give confidence and peace of mind to professionals wanting to grow professionally. Starting a business is hard enough; maintaining professional relationships that you’ve spent years developing, shouldn’t be one of the hurdles someone should have to go through. Forever Roster will always be here for you, maintaining and creating professional relationships. You can always count on your Forever Roster.

Thank you for visiting. If you love the value we provide, please consider sharing with your friends and family. Afterall, networking and maintaining our relationships is the core of our FOREVER ROSTER.